Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 45

Today was #45.
Today we had breakfast.
We read books.
Then we had to sit at our table.
We wrote.
We had to be quiet.
It was a writing test.
Mrs. V. told us to write about things we like to do at school.

We read a book.
About pumpkins.
It was I Like Pumpkins.

We did our shirt colors.
It was not equal length.
Big Breana from another class was here.

Then Mrs. Washington came.

We went to lunch.
We had bbq chicken and grilled cheese.
It was good.

We had a dance party.
We put Luis in the circle.
He likes to dance.

Then we made corn.

Mrs. V. put it on the wall.
With the raccoons.

Mrs. V. took a picture with us and the raccoons and the corn.

There is more.
We made a pattern on the wall.
It is raccoon, corn, raccoon, corn, raccoon, corn.

We did not go outside.
It is raining again.

We collected pennies for the playground.
We gave pennies.
We were generous.
All the kids in the school brought pennies.
We raised a lot of money.
We get to get a playground of our own.
That makes us happy.
We didn't have a playground.
We have a park.
This will be our playground.

Tomorrow we can have a party.
But we have to bring the stuff.
Mrs. V. said if we bring it, we can have it.
Melanie wants to bring tea.
She wants a tea party.

We are taking our resting blankets home.
To get washed.
They have germs.

We went to centers.

We had a good day!


  1. Dear friends,

    I love the racoon and corn pattern. My mommy made a pattern with flowers this weekend. She planted purple, orange, white, purple, orange, white. I am sure that you could have helped her with her pattern!

    The dance party looks like lots of fun. Today I am going to music class. Hopefully we will dance at music today.

    Mrs. V. is very smart. You do need to take your resting blankets home to be washed every once in a while. I'm sure they will smell much better too!

    Have a great day!

  2. You made a great pattern with your corn and raccoons. Your dance looked very fun- My kindergarten students love to dance too. We did a circle dance called " The Goblin in the dark". It is like the Farmer in the Dell game.

    My kindergarten kids had an extra day off too as our school had a professional development day where all the teachers go to school to learn a new skill. Even when you are a grownup you will continue to go to school to learn new things.
    I hope that you have had a fun safe Halloween.


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