Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 30

Today was day 30.
30 is 3 bundles.
30 is 6 groups of tally marks.
Mr. Caterpillar is 30.
30 is a white circle.

Today we had a busy day.
We made mask.
We read the book Mice Squeak, We Speak.
We made mask of our favorite animal in the book.
We read the book again.
We made animal noises.

We went to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers.
We had fajitas.
We had milk.
Mrs. V. had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
She had strawberry jelly.

We talked about how things feel.
We felt.
We didn't look.
We said something felt smooth, bumpy, hard, soft, cold, prickly, hot, and dotted.
Then we got to see it.
It was a shell.
We wrote about it.

We used words to help us follow directions.
We moved a dinosaur around a cup.
Mr. Grogan let us use cups.
He shared.
Sharing is being caring.
We like to be caring.
We try to be caring every day.
And achieving.
And trustworthy and safe.
We try.

We worked in centers.

We had media today.

We didn't go outside.
Today was our park day.
It rained.
No park today.

We had a good day!


  1. It didn't rain at my house, but it looked like it might... all day long. Thirty is a BIG number!

  2. I like your video.
    How high are you going to count this year?


  3. Dear friends,

    Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hopefully the rain will stop and you will go outside!


  4. Hello friends! We loved the video. Can you teach us how to do that??????


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