Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 35

Today is #35.

We went to lunch.
Daylin got to eat at the birthday table.
Her birthday is 29.
We don't have school that day.

We went outside.
We went to the park.
It was fun.

We went to art.

Jatameyah cried cause she got hurt.
We were playing Power Ranger.
We knocked her down.
It was an accident.

Mrs. Archie was here.
Mrs. F. wasn't.
Mrs. Archie read to us.

We liked Mrs. Archie.
She read us The Magic Fish.

We worked in centers.
We learned about Math.

We drew pictures.
One and more than one.
We drew one Albert.
We drew more than one Albert.
We drew one pumpkin.
We drew more than on pumpkin.

We learned the aaaa sound.
We learned the mmmm sound.

We read our vocabulary words.
James knows that word.
They are our High Frequency Words.
James just needs to learn the word me.
Then James gets first grade words.

We got a new pointer.

It is a scarecrow.

We talked about a bunny.
The bunny was soft.
The bunny was warm.
We wrote about it.

We talked about how blocks were the same and how they were different.
They were both blocks.
They both had red.
One was bigger than the other.
One had pictures and letters.

We took a rest.

We had a good day!


  1. I like your new Scarecrow pointer! What did you do in art today?

  2. Wonderful Wednesday wishes for you, Friends!

    I was with you and your class one week ago today; it was nice and warm then. Today is a drizzling, cool fall day here. Hope you're dressed warmly if you go outside.

    What a clever pointer for this season of the year.

    Did you like the book, 'The Magic Fish' that Mrs. Archie read yesterday? Does it have pretty pictures and colors?

    I am proud to read all that you're doing each day. You are busy, growing learners.

    Take care of each other.

  3. Hi friends.

    It sounds like you had another busy day in Kindergarten.

    Did you play outside today? It was raining where I live.


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