Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 136

Today was 136.
Today was Thursday.
We have 44 more days in Kindergarten.
We didn't go anywhere today.
Just to school.
We learned at the calendar.
Tyrone was the teacher.

He did good.

We read a story.

We had reading group.
We got to read.
All of us got to read the book.
Daylin goes with Mr. Cando.
Shamara goes to Mrs. Bradley.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers.
They are so good!

We learned about maps.
We wrote about maps.
Tyrone for a book about maps.

We learned about numbers.
Sets of numbers.
In Math.

We went to Art.
Only three friends made good choices.
Mrs. V. said specials are a privilege.
You have to earn privileges.
She was sad with our behavior for Ms. E..

We made Mrs. V.'s Nina a card.
Mrs. V. isn't going to be at school tomorrow.
She said she will miss us.

We had an ok day.
Tomorrow will be better.

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  1. Hey Friends,

    Good for Tyrone!

    Some days go better than others, but we are responsible for our choices, even as we grow older. This doesn't change, but we can become better in making those choices with each opportunity.

    We're never too young or old to learn. Choose to make each moment good for you and those around you. Life is good!


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