Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 139

Today is 139.
We have been in school 139 days.
We have 41 more days of Kindergarten.
We have one more day until we get a bundle.
Melanie was the calendar leader.
She is the leader for the whole week.

We read the book about the houses.
We wrote about where we live.
We live in a house.
We live in castles.
In a building.
In an apartment.
In a house.
Some friends copied others.
That isn't what their brain knows.

We went to reading group.
Ms. Washington was not here.
We had a sub.
We didn't read our books.
Mrs. V.'s group read the books.

We read our sentences.

We read about George.
He was in the big city.
He got lost.
He left the store.
He was following the yellow hat.
It was a girl.
Not his friend.

We went to lunch.
We had corn dogs and taco salad.
It was good!

In science, we learned about our friends.
How we are the same and different.
We drew pictures.
We circled the same with red.
We circled the same with blue.

We learned about shapes.
We played a game about shapes.
We are learning circle.
And square, and triangles, and rectangles.
And spheres and cubes.
We looked for them in the class.
We found them.
We made cubes.

We went to math centers.
Not stick centers.

We had Guidance.
Ms. McClure came.
She brought Mr. Potato Head to us.
He was in our class.

Mrs. George came.
She took us to the park.
Mrs. V. had a meeting.
We saw an owl.
Someone found a ladybug.
Mrs. F. didn't come to school.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!
Mrs. V. was so happy!
We did a great job.
Mrs. George gave us a jelly bean.
Just one!
That is it.

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  1. Hello Friends!

    Congrats on CATS! Yes, you did a great job!

    I like the way you do things in your class, like the student teachers, as Melanie. That's neat and smart!

    Sorry Mrs. F was away. Hope she's back tomorrow.

    Keep up all the good and wonderful things!


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