Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 150

Today was number one fifty.
That is a one, a five, then a zero.
Mr. Caterpillar is white.
He has a zero.
And a five.
But this five doesn't count.
He ends in a zero.
We have 30 more days in Kindergarten.
Mr. Caterpillar is getting bigger.
The other number is getting smaller.
That is what happens when you subtract.

Cornella was the calendar teacher.
She used her teacher voice.
Tytiana came to school late.
We missed her.
Shamara didn't come to school.
Tyrone didn't come either.
He has been out all week.
We miss him.

Mrs. F. didn't come to school.
Mrs. V. said she is going to leave early.
She said we will have a sub.
We don't know who.

We read Corduroy in Mrs. Crews' class.
She has a big book.
Ours is little.
Then James read us Dan the Flying Man.

We had reading group.
No new sounds today!

We went to lunch.
We had pizza and turkey pie.
Seven friends got turkey pie.
Eight friends got pizza.
It was good.
We did the right thing when we left the cafeteria.
There was a class that was pushing.
Mrs. V. was proud.
We just looked.
We didn't do it.
We are almost in first grade!
We did the right thing.

We made our very on Corduroy bear.
We cut it.
We glued it.
We made him overalls.
We made him a bed.
He always wanted a bed.

Mrs. V. had to leave.
Our sub came.
She is a lady.
Mrs. V. said we have to do the right thing.
That is what is expected.
We had a great morning!

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  1. I miss you when I go home, but I like being with you in the mornings. Today I will have to leave early too, but maybe not tomorrow! :)


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