Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 142

Today is 142.
Melanie was the leader.
For calendar time.
Today is Friday.
We have 38 more days of Kindergarten.
We love Kindergarten.
We get smart.

We got to read more about George.
We found we have the same.
The books are the same.
We got them from the library.
That is the media center.

We found out how George found his friend.
It was in Africa.
We made a connection.
The characters are the same.
His friend and George.
We like George.

We read about houses.
We wrote about them.

We had reading group.
Mrs. V. and Ms. Washington's group.
We have two groups.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza and turkey pie.
Five friends had turkey pie.
Twelve friends had pizza.
Some friends mad bad choices at lunch.
We had a talk.
We have rules at lunch.
Not to be mean.
To keep us safe.
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. want us to stay safe.
That is caring.

We learned about Little Red Riding Hood.
We helped Mrs. V. retell the story.
She put together a puzzle.
It told the story.
We made a map.
Little Red Riding Hood will not see the wolf.
She will follow the map.

Mr. Kyle stopped by.
He said Hi!

Mrs. V. had to leave.
She didn't feel good.

We learned about shapes.
In math.
We learned about making cubes.
It is hard.
But not really.
They are the same all around.
Not on one side.
All around.
We worked in Math Centers.

We had guidance.
Ms. Seon came.
Not Ms. McClure.
She taught us.

We went outside.
No one lost a shoe today.
Our shoes stayed on the ground.
Not on the building.

We worked in stick centers.
We take a stick.
That is why they are stick centers.

We had a good day!
We had a good week!
Everyone earned CATS!


  1. Friday was a nice day everywhere! So glad your day went so well and you could learn inside and then enjoy being outside.

    You have grown so much these last 142 days of school. WOW! Go CATS!

    Take care!
    Mrs. V's mommy

  2. I love George, I'm glad to know that you all do too!!


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