Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 145

Today is number 145.
We have 35 more days in Kindergarten.
Tytiana was the calendar leader.
She put a blue butterfly in the calendar.
She did it all.
Mr. Caterpillar is white.
He is white on 5 or 0 days.
Today is a 5 day.

We read the book about lunch boxes.
We helped to read it.
We do a good job.
Mrs. V. said we did a good job.
We are readers.
We made a list.
Things we need to go to first grade.
Then we read the book.
Then we wrote what Doris had.
We wrote about what we need for first grade.
Melanie wrote a lot.
We all did good!
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. said so.

We had reading group.
Mrs. V.'s group read so.
We know so can be an ok word.
Or it can be mean.
If you say, "So, you wanna play?"
That isn't mean.
If a friend said, "You made me sad."
Then you say, "So!"
That is mean.
That isn't ok.
We said so the nice way.

We read our sentences.
Things in a lunch box.
We have three of them.

We read a story about George.
We love George.

We went to lunch.
We had breakfast.
It was french toast sticks or sausage biscuit.
It was good.
We had syrup.

We learned in Science.
We learned about measuring.
We measured our arms.
The put them in order from short to long.
That took a long time.
We wrote about it.

We learned in math about sharing.
Then what happens when you don't have the same.
What you do.
You can break it.
You can make more.
You can do lots.
But if you can't make more, you break it.
Sometimes you are at the park.
Then you can't make any more cookies.
You break it.
We made our own cookies.
They are paper.
We played sharing equally.
With friends.

We had math centers.
We like centers.

We went to music.
We earned all our CATS in music.

We went to the gym for an assembly.
Mr. Jordan read a book.
Mr. Grogan blew up a balloon.
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. and the others got a paw.
It was green.
That means we did good.
We earned green.
They taught us.
We earned it cause we are smart.
We use our brain.

We listened to a story.
Mrs. F. read it.
We packed our book bags.

A lot of friends didn't earn all the CATS.
We will do better tomorrow.
We are all going to earn CATS tomorrow.

Please have a good night!
We love you!

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  1. Green paws and using your brains, all good things; very good! Mr. Caterpillar is getting SO L-O-N-G!


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