Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 144

Today is 144.
We have 36 more days in Kindergarten.
We unpacked our book bags.
We did morning work.
We did the calendar.
Tytiana was the teacher.
We added a light blue flower.
We had 16 friends today.
Then Jovany left.
Now it is 15.
Cornella feels bad for Jovany.

We read I Need a Lunch Box.
We named the character Mikey.
He did not have a name.
We talked about people, places, things.
We made a list of things.
Things that can go in your lunch box.
We write about what goes in our lunch box.
We drew a picture.

We had reading mastery.
Mrs. V.'s group only had 5 friends.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets or quesadillas.
It was good.
It was yummy in my tummy.

We had bathroom time.
We took too long!
We had science.
We measured.
We measured our selves.

We put the paper shortest to tallest.
We got in a line.
We checked our work.
It wasn't right.

We learned we always need a starting point.
Tomorrow we will pick a starting point.

In math we learned about sharing.
We read The Doorbell Rang.
We acted like it.
We played it.
We acted it out.
We had cookies.
They were cubes.
James was the story teller.
Randy G. was the mama.
Brian was Sam.
Melanie was Victoria.
Tom was Tyrone.
Hannah was Briana.
Peter was Iker.
David was Peter's little brother.
Jatameyah was Joy.
Randy A. was Simon.
Shamara, Keyli, Daylin and Cornella were the cousins.
Tytiana was the Granny.

We had to stop.
We put our heads down.
We were way too excited!!!!
We love to learn.
But today we were too excited.

We went to music.
We earned four paws.
We did good in music.
We sang.
We did the song.
We danced.
We did the part Ms. Hunter showed us.

We went outside.
We went to the park.
We saw a dead fox.
Mrs. F. showed it to us.
There were bugs.

We played bingo.
Keyli was the caller.
We packed our book bags.
We wrote our blog.

We had an ok day.
Tomorrow we will not be as excited!

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  1. Your day was full (even with taking too long for your bathroom break)!
    I think I would have been excited with all the neat things you're doing!!!

    Go CATS!


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