Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 143

Today is 143.
We have 37 more days in school.
Then first grade.

We had calendar time.
We did our words.
We learned about the day.
Tytiana was the teacher.
We added a purple bunny to the calendar.
We had two home days.
Today was 19.
Tomorrow will be a blue flower.
Tomorrow will be 20.
We added a straw, a tally mark, and shape.
And a circle to Mr. Caterpillar.
He is getting old.
He is 143.
He has a birthday every day.
Tomorrow will be his 144th birthday.

We read a book about a lunch box.
It is I need a Lunch Box!
His sister got one.
He kept saying "I need a lunch box."
He wanted to put anything in his lunch box.
Bugs, toy marbles, toy animals, crayons.
He wanted five lunch boxes.
One for every day.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Not home days.
No Saturday or Sunday.
We wrote about our lunch box.
We said what color it would be.

We had reading group.
Mrs. V.'s group did 102.
That has a zero.
Ms. Washington's group did more.

We went to lunch.
Some friends went to the gold paw party.
It was something yummy in our tummy.

James, Randy G., Daylin, Cornella, Tytiana.
Mrs. Parker's friends came to eat with us.
They came back to our class.
We all read.
For lunch we had pizza dippers or bbq.
It was good!
In Mrs. Parker's class, friends got cake.
And ice cream with sprinkles.

We learned about things that are bigger than us.
Mrs. V.
King Kong
Monster Truck
The sky
Especially the sky!
It is the biggest of us.
Mrs. V. is bigger than the rocking chair.
We are too.
Tyrone's brother, sister and mom came.
They stayed for science and math.
Tyrone's sister is 5.
She is going to be in Kindergarten.
When we go to first grade.
His little brother is going to be in Pre-K.
He is younger.

In math we learned about sharing.
Sharing equally.
We read The Doorbell Rang.
It keep ringing and ringing and dinging.
They kept sharing the cookies.
Then back on the plate.
Then the doorbell rang again.

We had math centers.

We lined up to go to music.

We packed our book bags.

We went outside.

We came inside.
We played bingo.
We wrote our blog.
We had a good day!
We learned a lot!
Everyone earned CATS!
Tomorrow is going to be a great day!
That's it!
The end!
We love the people that love our blog!


  1. When I was a little girl I had a red lunchbox, I loved it! It had a Thermos inside, do you know what a Thermos is? I know a little boy who loves to dip his food, he would really LOVE Pizza Dippers!

  2. YAAAAY another super day!

    I haven't seen Mr Caterpillar since he's grown so much!

    While in college, my cousin painted a metal lunch box for me to use like a purse! She painted a cat and neat pictures. When Mrs. V was in elementary school, she and her brother had neat lunch boxes.

    Go CATS!


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