Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 148

Today is number 148.
We have 32 more days in Kindergarten.
We all got new jobs!
Randy G. and Tytiana are the table washers.
Shamara, Keyli, Brian and Jatameyah are the table leaders.
Luis is the line leader.
Iker is the caboose.
Jovany is the door holder.
Melanie is the messenger.
David is the greeter.
Randy A. and Briana are the calendar helpers.
James is materials helper.
Sara is the weather helper.
Daylin the hand washing monitor.
Tyrone is the bathroom monitor.
Cornella is the morning group teacher.

We have 15 friends.
But Randy A. went home.
That makes 14.
That makes us sad.
We miss our friends.
Some friends didn't come to our class.
They are sick.
We think.

We read about a bear.
The bear that needs to find a button.
The girl wants to buy a bear.
With her own dollar.
The little girl has her own money to buy the bear.
The bear went to the bed.
He thought it was his.
We wrote about what we want to buy.
With our money.

We went to reading group.
Iker's group had a new sound.
Mrs. V.'s group had a reading test.
They did good.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.
It was good.

Mrs. V. is going home.
Mrs. F. will teach us the rest.
Mrs. V. wants us to have a good day!
Not a bad day!


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  2. ...and we all want Mrs. V. to have a good day too!


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