Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 146

Today is number 146.
We have 34 more days in Kindergarten.
We unpacked our book bags.
Today is Tytiana's birthday.
She is six.
She was five.
Mealnie has a birthday soon.
We went to the calendar.
Tytiana was the teacher.
We added a purple flower.
Tomorrow is a purple rabbit.

We read I Need a Lunch Box.
We pretended to be three.
We threw a fit.
We said "I need a lunch box!"
Really loud!
Then we pretended to be the daddy.
He wasn't happy.
He didn't want the boy to yell.
He wanted a lunch box.
We wrote about when we felt bad.
When someone gets something, it makes you sad.

In reading group,we had a sub.
Ms. Washington wasn't here.
He name was Ms. Riker.
Mrs. V.'s group finished the B book.
We get the C book tomorrow.

We went to lunch.
The menu didn't match the food.
We had chicken nuggets or chicken burrito.
It was good.
Randy G. liked the corn.

We learned about Earth Day.
It is today.
We watched Franklin.
He planted a tree to help the earth.
He wanted to help.
We wanted to help.
We wrote about it.
We wrote how we would help the earth.
We made a book.
Mrs. White has to laminate it.
Then it will be a book.

In math we learned sharing equally.
We learned outside.

It is Earth Day.
We shared by ourselves.
Then with our friends.
Then with everyone.

We went to music.
We did our dance.
Mrs. Bradley's class came.
We earned our CATS.
They didn't.
We did good.
We showed the the right way.
They didn't do right.

We packed our book bags.
We went outside.
We played.
People were talking mean.
They were girls.
They had to put their head down.
Then they had to write about it.
They wrote what they could do better.
All the boys worked in learning centers.
The boys didn't do it.
The girls wrote how to be friends.

We did our blog.
That's it!


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  2. It was a beautiful day to be outside, sharing is FUN! Good for you!!


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