Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 138

Today is number 138.
We have 42 more days in Kindergarten.
We did work.
We unpacked our book bags.
We went to the calendar.
We got new jobs.
Melanie is the calendar teacher.

Mr. Caterpillar got bigger.
He is 138 days old.
We added a tally mark.
We added a shape.
We added a straw.
We counted.
We subtracted a link.
We subtracted a how many days have we been in school sticker.
Today we added a flower.
To the calendar.

We read a book.
A House is a House for Me.
We wrote about it.
We wrote what a house is for.

We went to reading groups.
After reading group we did our sentences.
One at a time.

We read about George again.
George went to the library.
Tomorrow we will read about him going camping.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken rings and bbq.
Melanie and Tytiana went to the birthday bunch.

We learned about science.
We learned about measurements.
We wrote about what we want to measure.
Melanie wants to measure George.

We did math.
In math we learned about shapes.
Two-dimensional and three-dimensional.
Two-dimensional are flat.
Three-dimensional are not flat.
We made shapes.
We worked together.

We worked in Math centers.

We had Guidance.
We learned about dancing.
Mr. Potato head came.
We danced around.
We rested.

We went outside.
We played.
Mrs. F. played soccer with the boys.

Some gum is on the carpet.
Mrs. F. is going to try to get it up.
Mrs. V. said it is gross!

We had a good day.
Everyone earned CATS!

1 comment:

  1. Gum can really make a mess, I hope you can get it up and out of the carpet.

    What did Mr. Potato Head do when he came to your classroom?

    I like to work with shapes when I make quilts. I cut out shapes from fabric, they are one dimensional shapes.


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