Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 141

Today is number 141.
We have 39 more days in Kindergarten.
Then first grade!!!!!!

We went to the calendar.
We added a purple bunny.
It said 15.
Today is the fifteenth.
Tomorrow will be a light blue flower.
Blue butterfly, purple flower, purple bunny, light blue flower.
That is the pattern.
It is an ABCD pattern.
And a nature pattern.
We counted how many friends were here.
Two friends were not here.
Randy A. and Daylin.
They were not here.
Two days for Daylin.
Did she move schools?

We read about machines.
Machines at work.
We sorted them.
That is called classifying.
We put them in groups of Yes and No.
Yes it could knock down stuff.
No it could not knock down stuff.
We wrote about it.
We did good.

We went to reading group.
Mrs. V.'s group got to read the book again.
We did number 100!
That was our lesson.
Ms. Washington's group did lesson 123.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken poppers and grilled cheese.
The chicken poppers were good.
They are new.
They had bbq sauce on them.
It was good.
Briana wants to eat them again.
Shamara too!
The grilled cheese was good too!

We did bathroom time.
In our class.

We read about Little Red Riding Hood.
She needed a map.
We learned about maps.
We drew the key on the map.
We put trees, side walk, the lake, swings at a park and grass.
We wrote about where we would go with a map.
Melanie would go to a castle.
James would go to camp.
Cornella would go to school.
Tyrone would go to a party.
Shamara said "I'm going to the mall."
Iker said "I'm going to Mexico."
Randy G. said "I will go to school."

We did math.
We went to math centers.

We had guidance.
We learned about Berenstain Bears.

We went outside.
We played doggy doggy where's your bone.
Then played.
With Mrs. Wilson's class.
We played soccer.

We packed our book bags.
We played bingo.
James, Luis and David got to call.
It was alphabet bingo.
That is the letters.

Melanie said she is six.
Not five.
Her brother thinks she is five.
She isn't.

Everyone had a good day!
Everyone got CATS!
Mrs. F. didn't.
In first grade she couldn't be caring.
Tomorrow is a new day.
She doesn't go to first grade tomorrow!

The end!
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  1. After the 39 days, do you go right to first grade or do you get a break?


  2. Hi Friends
    This is Ms.G
    I wanted to stop by and see how everyone's day went.I hear Mrs.F did not have a Good Day.Well maybe everyone will have a better day Friday.I am glad Shamara and Briana enjoyed the New "Sweet& Sour" Chicken (poppers).I think Shamara and I have something in common Shopping @ the mall.
    I have enjoyed reading about Mrs.V and Mrs.F + all your classroom friends.Always make me Smile and Laugh.
    38 more days...Friends
    See u Soon


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