Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 153

Today is number 153.
Today is Monday.
We have 27 more days in Kindergarten.
We have a new month.
It is May.
Randy G. has a birthday.
We have a new calendar.
We have a new date.
It is 5-3-10.
We have new jobs.
James is the morning meeting leader.
We all have new jobs.

Keyli brought a panda.
It looks like Albert and Mikey.
It is taller than Mikey.
It is shorter than Mikey.
Albert is the biggest.
It is shorter than Albert.
His name is Mr. Mikey.
She got him from the zoo!

We read a book about the moon.
It is Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm off to the Moon!
We made predictions about the book.
We guessed what would happen.
We saw aliens on our picture walk.
And the earth.
There was a boy.
He was going to space.
He wanted to see the moon.
He wanted to find out about the moon.
We read a book about the the shapes of the moon.
That is the phases of the moon.
There is a crescent, full, half, new, gibbous.
We had to look up gibbous.
The half is called quarter.
We watched a movie about the moon.
It was about a boy.
He was writing a poem about the moon.
He taught us about it.

We wrote about the moon.

We had reading group.
We learned no new sounds.
Mrs. V.'s group took a test.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets or quesidillas.
It was good.

We went to the bathroom.

We learned about measuring.
Marcus had bigger feet than Katie.
In the story.
They measured the box.
Marcus wanted a box 9 of his feet long.
Katie gave him a box that was 9 of her feet long.
It was 8 of his feet long.
Marcus had longer feet.

We wrote about it.

We learned in math about numbers.
That is math.
We had center time.

We went to Media.

We didn't go outside.
We played some games inside.
We played doggy doggy where's your bone.

We worked in centers.
Briana spent recess time with Mr. Jordan.
They talked.
We had a great day!
Everyone earned CATS!

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  1. If you played "doggy, doggy..." outside today he would have been "soggy doggy..."! I measure things all day long... with a tape measure and with a ruler. Mr. Caterpillar is getting VERY long! I'm happy you all had a great day!


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