Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 158

Day 158.
Today is wacky tacky hat day.
Tomorrow is wacky tacky sock day.
It is Spirit week.
We need to go to Kernersville to Sonic tonight.
We got stickers.
They say, "Take me to Sonic."

We have new jobs.
Luis is the teacher.
Randy G. is the line leader.
Tytiana is the caboose.
Randy A. is the door holder.
Brian is the messenger.
Jovany is the greeter.
Daylin and Sara are the calendar helpers.
Melanie and David are the lunch helpers.
Tyrone is the materials helper.
Keyli is the hand washer monitor.
Jatameyah is the bathroom monitor.
Shamara is the weather helper.
James, Briana, Iker and Cornella are the table helpers.

Luis taught about calendar.

We have 22 more days in Kindergarten.
We added a blue bell.
Tomorrow will be a yellow sun.

We made wacky tacky hats.

We got to wear them.
We made them to show the 3rd graders to have fun.
You can have fun and learn.
You can have fun and do your best.
We told them to do their best.
We made pictures for them.
We like them.
They make us proud.
We like the third graders.
We are going to sing to them tomorrow.
It is a secret song.
We are excited!
They sang to us!
It was skipping number songs.
By three.
We don't know how to skip by three.
We can skip by 5 and 10.

We had reading group.
Ms. Washington wasn't here.
We had a sub.
Mrs. V.'s group had Mrs. Crews' group.
Mrs. Phillips watched them.

We went to to lunch.
We have chicken nuggets or bbq.
Chicken nuggets wasn't supposed to be there.
We were supposed to have chicken rings.
Randy G. got to go to the birthday bunch table.
He got cake.
He liked it!

We had bathroom time.
We went to the third grade.
They are bigger than us.
Some are not.
We don't know.
First graders might not be.

We worked in centers.
Mrs. V. asked friends questions.
We were quiet.

We have Art.
We got 4 paws.
We did the right thing.
This is the last week of specials.
No more after this one.

We went outside to play soccer.
With Mrs. Parker's class.
We played together.
We got water.
We did our blog.
We talked.

Briana got new shoes.
Iker got a new house.
He might get a new school.
We told our mom we love her.
It was Mother's day on the home days.
Keyli gave her mom shoes.
Melanie's mom, Nelly, got roses.
Cornella went to church.
She prayed to the Lord.
We love you!
Have a good day!
We had a good day!

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