Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 168

Today is 168.
We got to school.
We unpacked our book bag.
We sat down.
We read books.
Mrs. V. didn't give us paper work.

We went to the calendar.
We have new jobs.
The line leader is Sara.
The morning meeting leader is Tyrone.
The caboose is Jovany.
The door holder is Daylin.
The messenger is Iker.
The greeter is Shamara.
The calendar helpers are Tytiana and Randy G..
The lunch helpers are Keyli and Randy A..
The materials helper is Melanie.
The weather helper is Luis.
The hand washing monitor is Briana.
The bathroom monitor is David.
The table leaders are Jatameyah, James, Brian, Cornella.

Mrs. V. is working on cleaning up the room.
We are going to first grade.
We are going to change grades.
We have 12 more days in Kindergarten.
Then tomorrow is 11.

We have the same things in our class.
Mrs. V. just put them in different places.
They are for Kindergarten.
We are going to be in First Grade.
Some belong to her.
Some are going to stay right here.
James doesn't want to go to first grade.
Mrs. V. wants us all to go.
Mrs. V. is going to take things home.
Mr. Kyle is going to get them.
If you want it, you just ask.
If it is here, then we can use it.
It just doesn't go on a shelf.

Jatameyah got a swimming pool.

We did not have reading group.

We went to Mrs. Parker's room.
We learned about bugs.
We watched a movie about insects.
It was reading rainbow.

We went to lunch.
We had macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets.

We read a book about dinosaurs.
We learned how they eat food.

We learned about Chile.

We went outside.
We played.
We came back in.
We got water.
Daylin counted the water.

We had a good day.
We had the best day in the whole wide world.
Everyone earned CATS.
We aren't getting our agenda or folder.
Mrs. F. isn't here.
She gives them to us.
Mrs. V. didn't have time.
We love you.

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  1. Yay, CATS!
    Reading about your day always makes me smile!

    Look at all you've learned today--dinosaurs, insects, Chile. What awesome jobs you all have!

    James, you and all of your friends have worked hard and are very ready for first grade. I know Mrs. and Mrs. F are proud of each of you. I certainly am!


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