Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 163

Today was number 163.
We have 17 more days in school.
Mr. Bradley was here.
He looks like Santa.
Mrs. V. wasn't here.
We don't know where she was.
We learned about dinosarus.
Mr. Bradley will be back again tomorrow.
We had a good day.


  1. I missed you today! I hope you all made good choices. I was serving on a Jury today. That is something you will get to do when you are big, done with school, and making good choices as a grown up. You get to listen to people talk about what they think is wrong, and help them figure it out. Do we do that in school?

  2. I hope your teacher comes back to school soon, she misses all of you. I know that you miss her too!

  3. I know you are showing Mr. Bradley the good things you know and do. You've worked hard all year to learn these good things that are not just for Kindergarten!

    Make Mrs. V, Mrs. F and your mommies and daddys proud by making the right choices ALL the time!

    I know your teacher looks forward to return soon!


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