Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 169

Today is the one hundredth sixty-ninth day of Kindergarten for my little friends. They were super busy today, and didn't have time to write their blog.

Today, when they got to school, the colored a picture of the Chilean flower. It is called a Copihue. We found out from Ms. Espinoza, who is from Chile, that it is an honor to be given a Copihue. We also found out that when people are excited in Chile, they yell "Copihue!" and then other people yell "Rojo!" We know that rojo means red in Spanish. The Copihue is a red flower. It is really pretty. They hang down towards the ground. We made our very own Copihue and hung them in the hall.

My friends are learning all about Chile, and next week, their parents will come to school and the parents will learn all about Chile and other countries around the world. Kindergarten is going to teach the parents about Chile.

We read a new book about dinosaurs. We are learning so much about dinosaurs. We really like to learn more every day. Our friends have learned that reading is a great way to learn more.

Tyrone was the morning meeting leader again.

He is doing a great job. Our friends are doing their best to show him respect. We are really proud of all of them!

Mrs. Dreis came again. She has come to visit our class to teach us all about connecting art to things we do every day. She read us all about Chester and The Kissing Hand. Our friends made puppets a few days ago. Today they got to act out the story The Kissing Hand using their puppets. We all liked watching them. They did a great job.

She will come back one more time tomorrow. We are excited to see what we get to do tomorrow!

We went to lunch. We were supposed to have BBQ chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches, but we had fried chicken and grilled cheese. Our friends really thought both were good.

When we got back from lunch, we had a talk about expectations. Some friends had forgotten the expectations in the cafeteria. We know they will not forget any more!

We covered Mr. Caterpillar with his cocoon.
He will spend the next eleven days in his cocoon, and then he will come out and be a big beautiful butterfly. When he turns into a butterfly, our friends turn into big beautiful (and smart) first graders! We are all so very excited!

We got to play at the park today. We love getting to go to the park. It almost started to rain while we were outside, but we got inside before the rain came out of the sky!

Our friends had a great day! They don't have much longer in Kindergarten, and they are starting to get really excited about the end of school! We are excited for them too, and are looking forward to what the next 11 days bring us in our Kindergarten class!


  1. ooooooooo, Mr. Caterpillar's in a cocoon! WOW, how awesome is that!? In eleven days we'll all see what's in store.

    You are doing and learning so many delightful things. All of your Copihue (How do you pronounce that?) are pretty outside your classroom door.

    I know your parents and teachers are all very pleased!!

    Thanks, Mrs. V and Mrs. F for writing today!

  2. I really have enjoyed reading about your experiences this year! I miss not seeing you since I am not there anymore! I hope the next 11 days are great for your K friends!
    Mrs. Edwards


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