Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 167

Today is number 167.
Today is Friday.
We went to calendar.
We added a shiny sun.
We added a tally mark.
We added a circle to Mr. Caterpillar.
It was green.
Melanie was the teacher.

We have 13 more days in school.
Then we get out of school.
Then we get to first grade.

We went to the other floor.
We talked about what we did this week.
We told Mrs. V.
We learned about dinosaurs.
We told about our days.
We wrote Mr. Bradley notes.
We told him we were sorry.
It was a sorry note.
We didn't show him respect.
But not James or David.
We read our sorry note to Mr. Bradley.
Mrs. V. said it was not very caring.
Or very respectable.
She was very disappointed.
She wants us to do the right thing.
Mrs. F. does too.
They want us to do it.
They will not come to first grade to tell us to do the right thing.
We need to do it ourselves.

We learned more about dinosaurs.
We watched a movie about them.
We wrote about them.
Some dinosaurs drank blood.
That is nasty.

Pre-K friends came.
We learned about adding and subtracting with them.
We showed them how to play games.
Then we went to centers.
Then they left.
Then another Pre-K class came for lunch.
That is Jacob's class.
They had lunch with us.
James and Jacob had lunch together.
James taught him what to do in lunch.

We came back to our class.
We went to the bathroom.
Then we rested and learned about dinosaurs.
We watched a movie.

Then we went outside.
Melanie and Shamara brought in worms.
They wanted to put them in their book bags.
We don't eat worms.

We did our blog.
We had a good day.
That is it.

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  1. I hope the worms were set free so that they can dig in the dirt, that is what they like to do; they don't like to be in book bags. I'm sure you were very happy that Mrs. V came back!


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