Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 160

Today is 160.
We have 20 more days of school.
We went to the calendar.
We added an orange flower.
We got a new seat belt for the tally marks.
Four friends in the car.
Then a seat belt.
Mr. Caterpillar was white.
He ends with a zero.
Today was backwards or inside out day.

Tomorrow will be class mascot day.
We will dress like a caterpillar.

We played a word game.
We had two teams.
Then four teams.
Big Briana and Jakeem came back.
We all did our best.

We learned about the mouse.
We watched a mouse movie.
We wrote how it was the same.
We wrote how it was different.
Than the book.

We had reading group.
Ms. Washington's group had a new sound.
It was the same as the other day.
Mrs. V.'s group didn't do their best.
They forgot to look at the book.
Brian did his best reading.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and chicken stuff.
It was good.
Melanie and Randy G. got chicken stuff.

We had bathroom and reading time.
We went to see our friends.
They are in third grade.
We sang to them.
They were quiet.

We made a sign for them.
We hope they love it.

We went to art.
We painted our flower pink.
Five friends painted their body pink.
Mrs. V. said they can't go tomorrow.
They lost their privilege.
They will stay in the class during specials.

We went outside.
We played with Mrs. Parker's class.
We played soccer.
We came inside.
We got water.
We packed our book bags.
Then we did our blog.
We had a good day.
Not a bad day.
Some friends made not good choices.
That happens.
We will do better tomorrow.
We all earned our CATS in our class.
Even if we lost special privileges.

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  1. How did you like wearing things backwards and inside out? (Glad I didn't see any shoes on backwards! That wouldn't work, would it?!)

    Yay for the inside-out CATS!


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