Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 172

Today is 172.
We went to the floor.
We watched Danny and the Dinosaur.
Then we did swishy.
Today was the last swishy.
James knew it.
No more swishy.
Randy G. knew that, too.

We went to the calendar.
We added a red umbrella.
We added a straw.
We added a sticky note for the date.
Mr. Caterpillar was 172.
He was green today.

We made a new calendar.
It is for June.

We played the bug game again.
The boys won again.
For the fourth time.

Some friends went to centers.
Some friends worked on their math test.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad or chicken sandwiches.
It was good.

We came back to class.
Some friends worked in centers.
The other friends worked on their math test.
Every one is done.
But not Daylin.
She wasn't here.
Not today or yesterday.
We saw her outside with her mom and brother and a baby.
She lives across the street.
She can walk to school.
That is why she is a walker.

We decorate awards.
Our friends in our class.
We all will get a different award.
We will get them at the assembly.
June 9, 2010.

Some friends brought money for kids who don't have food in the summer.
Cornella brought some money.
James gave it yesterday.
If we bring enough money, we might get to wear jeans!!!!
On the last day of school.
Mrs. F. had on jeans today.

We went outside.
We came in to have water.
Iker was the water person.
We did our blog.
We had a good day!
Tomorrow is a home day.
Sunday is a home day.
Monday is a home day!
We have 8 more days in Kindergarten!

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  1. I really like home days, but then that means we don't get to read about neat things you're learning and doing!

    Hope being home was happy and that you remembered why you were home on Monday: Memorial Day....

    Your days are going fast, now!


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