Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 157

Today is one hundred fifty seven.
We have 23 more days in kindergarten.
We unpacked our book bags.
Tomorrow is not a school day.
We read some books.
They are from the library.
We did swishy.
We went to the calendar.
James was the teacher.
It is Randy G.'s birthday.
Cornella and Luis were the calendar helpers.

We read Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! I'm off to the Moon!
One more time.
Then we wrote.
But not about the book.
We wrote about our favorite specials teacher.
It was to appreciate them.

We wrote; I like _____ because ____ is my favorite special.
We put in the specialist names and the class.
Everyone said they liked Mr. Grogan.
They like P.E..

Everyone, except for Melanie and Tyitana.
They like Guidance.

We had reading group.

We went to lunch.
We talked about what was expected at the field trip.
We rode a bus.
It wasn't that far away from Forest Park.
Just keep straight then turn.
We went to a play.

We had to sit in the chair.
If we liked it, we could smile.
If we didn't like it, we just had to sit with our hands in our laps.
That is not rude.
If you really liked it you could clap.
Or give thumbs up.
Not thumbs down.
That is rude.
That is mean.
Really rude.
We loved the play!
It was awesome!
It was about Horton, Gerturde, and the Cat in the Hat.
There was a girl that was the Cat in the Hat.
We got to watch.
Then we got to shake their hands.
It was awesome!
We came back.

We didn't go to specials.
We went out for recess.
We had a great day!
We had a great week!
Next week we are going to have a great week!
We love school!
We love you!
You are the best friend ever.
We want to share with you!
Have great home days!


  1. I'm so proud of your behavior at the play! You all did such a great job and I am so proud to say you are my friends! Way to go!

  2. What a neat play for you to see with your friends!!!!

    I may not always write you, but enjoy reading about all you are doing and learning.

    How fast your school year is winding down. Make every day count! Like you, they are precious!


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