Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 155

Today is 155.
We have 25 more days in Kindergarten.
We unpacked our book bags.
We did morning work.

And then we went to the calendar.
We added a blue bell.
A light blue bell.
James was the teacher.
We added a white circle to Mr. Caterpillar.
He had white because it ends with a five.

We went to the big colored carpet.
We watched a movie about the moon.
We learned about the moon.
The moon doesn't change shapes.
It is always a sphere.
There are no animals on the moon.
There is no oxygen on the moon.
When you move on the moon you have to bounce.
You have to wear a suit on the moon.
You can go to the moon if you want to be a scientist.
Then you can learn more about the moon.
We read the moon book.
We wrote about the moon.

We had reading group.

We learned about Cinco de Mayo.
That means the 5 of May.
Today is May 5.
Today is Cinco de Mayo day.
People celebrate because it is a holiday.
They are happy because someone didn't steal Mexico's money.
They hit a pinata.
They dress up.
They put on makeup.
They have a parade.
They dance.
They play drums.
The kids go first to get food.
Then adults.
And then the kids pick up eggs.
They throw them at the heads.
They make a mess.
We watched a movie about it.
It was a fun one.
We want to do it.

We went to lunch.
We had Mexican food.
Quesadillas and fajitas.
It was so good.
It must have come all the way from Mexico.
They made it from Mexico.
They really worked hard on that food.

We wrote about Cinco de Mayo.
And had bathroom time at the same time.

We went to the computer lab.

We came back for math.
We went to math centers.
Some friends made lots of potato heads.
They made a lot.

They forgot to count them.
We will just say a lot.

We went to media.
We learned about ants.
Some friend were sleeping.
Yesterday we learned about grasshoppers.
Grasshoppers take off their skin.
On the ground.
Ants have little tiny eggs.
We are learning about insects.

We went to recess.
Some friends were too tired to have recess.
They sat outside with Mrs. V..
We blew bubbles.

Mrs. F. has a big bottle.
She puts it in our bottles.

We packed our book bags.
Randy G.'s birthday is on the field trip day.
That is two days.
All our friends get to go on the field trip.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!

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