Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 156

Today is one hundred fifty six.
We unpacked our book bags.
We did morning work.
Then we went to the calendar.

Today is 5-6-10.
Today is Thursday.
Tomorrow is Friday.
We go to a field trip.
Randy G.'s birthday is tomorrow.
Today we added a straw.
We took a sticker off the wall.
We added a yellow sun to the calendar.
Tomorrow will be an orange flower.
We took away a link.
We moved to the big floor.
We read a book.
We watched a movie about space.
You have to go under the water to learn how to live in space.
Food is very tricky.
You have to catch it with your mouth.
First you have to let the food go away.
Then you catch it in your mouth.
You can live in space for a year.
Or more.
You have to have oxygen to live.
It is to breath.
They said "One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind."
We wrote about space.
Jovany wrote, "I go on a spaceship."

We went to reading group.
Ms. Washington came.
Mrs. V.'s group learned a new sound.
We had a hard time.
The words tops, pots, lots, top.
We got confused!
Ms. Washington's group already did those words.
Mrs. V.'s group will do them again tomorrow.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers and hot dogs.
It was good
Briana had pizza dippers.

We read books.
We went to the bathroom.
We learned about Mother's day.
It is Sunday.
We watched a movie.
We read three books.
We wrote about our Mommies.
Luis wrote, "I like my Mom because she is beautiful."

We learned in Math.
We went to math centers.
We changed centers.
Randy G. worked with potato heads.

We went to Media.
We had to be quiet.
It is the library.
Someone didn't go to sleep.
We did the right thing.
Mrs. Evans said we did.
Brian said no.
We made something for Mommy.
It was a dragonfly.

We packed our book bags.
We went outside.
We played.
Soccer and jump rope.
The soccer ball went over the street.
Daylin's mom got it for us.
And her brother.
We saw Daylin at her house.
She is sick.
She was waving at us.

We got water.
We rested our bodies.
We did our blog.
We had a good day.
Everyone did.
And then we go home.
Everyone earned CATS.
We have a field trip.
We are excited.

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