Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 113

Today is number 113.
We went to the calendar.
We added a blue hand.
We a making a new pattern.
We don't know what the pattern will be yet.

We did out letters.
We got a new friend.
Her name is Tytiana.

We read a book.
We read Honk! Honk! A Story of Migration.
The geese migrate north and south.

We looked at the big map.
We looked for Chile.
It is in the orange.
The ground broke there.
Mrs. V. told us about how the floor breaks.
We are going to bring money for the people in Chile.
We are going to get a bucket for Chile.
For the money.
The ground got mad when the ground bumped it.
It made the ground move.
That made water move.

We went to reading group.
Mrs. V.'s group had a new sound.

We read our sentences.

We went to lunch.
We had bbq chicken or grilled cheese sandwiches.
It was good.

After lunch, it was snowing.
We checked the temperature.
It is 70 inside.
It is 37 outside.
We wrote about the temperature.

We wrote Mrs. Debbie a letter.
We said "Thank you for our quilt. It is so cute."

In Math, we learned how long time is.
A minute long.

We guessed how long a minute is.
Then we sat down.
A minute is long.
But not in centers.

We learned about ordinals.

First through tenth.
We worked with friends from home and friends from school.
Daylin brought a frog.

We have a frog.
They are the same.
They are different.
One is little, one is bigger.
One is tall, one is short.

We saw birds.

They were eating their food.
We are going to post it on our other blog.
The birds went in the bird house.
We saw it.
It was while we worked in centers.

We don't have tutoring.
It is snowing.
A lot.

We had guidance.
Mr. Potato Head did not come today.
We had a good day!


  1. Hello, Tytiana. Hope you are liking your new friends and your teachers. Today must have been quite special: you came on the same day as "the frogs", the birds, the snow!

    Take care!

  2. Ordinal words are hard to learn. Do you think they are hard??


  3. Hello Ms.V's class! This is Brooke McQuillan again. Well it sounds like you all had a lovely day again today! That is awesome that it snowed on this day after lunch! I hope you all got to go outside and play! Unfortunately I do not get to see snow that often. You all help up the hard work!

  4. Hello my name is Jenny Turner. It sounds like you all had a very interesting day. Did you get to play outside when it snowed? Living where I live I do not see snow hardly ever. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your year and keep up the good work.


  5. A minute can seem like a long time when you are waiting, but when you have to get something done it goes by fast!


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