Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 122

Today is number 122.
Today is Monday.
We did P work.
P for popcorn.

We went to the calendar.
We added a yellow hand.
Tomorrow will be orange hand.
Green, blue, purple, white, red, black, yellow, orange
That is the pattern.
It repeats.
It is a long pattern.
It is an ABCDEFGH pattern.
We said that before.

Officer Negron came today.
He taught us about vegetables and medicine.
And fruit.

Always ask your parents.
Cross out things that are bad for you.
Color things that are good for you.
We don't touch medicine.
Always ask to eat food too.
It might be fake.
You don't know.
You might loose a tooth.
And get sick.
If you get medicine when you look for a drink, you should bring it to your mom and say "Is this right?"
If you do it without asking, and it is really medicine, you might get sick and even die.
You might get in trouble too.

We went to reading group.
Mrs. V.'s group did spelling.
Mrs. Washington's group got Leslie.
They are going to read a new book when the panda book is done.

We wrote our sentences.
They say The man said, "I have two big ____."
We all have one.
A sentence.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nugget rings or bbq.
It was good.
And we had bread, applesauce, corn, beans.

We have 17 friends here today.
Mrs. F.
They aren't here.

We got new name tags!
And erasers.
They are on our tables.
First graders get erasers.
Erasers can rip your paper.
If you do it too much.
Then Mrs. V. will say sorry.

In science we learned about rain gauges.

We made one.
And then Mrs. V. was the rain.
She made it rain.
We measured the rain.

We wrote outside.
It made it bumpy.

We did math.
We learned about counting and writing numbers.
We went to math centers.
We read a math book.
We wanted to watch math monsters.
Mrs. V. said no.
We read a book about monster math.

We went to P.E..
We packed our book bags.
Melanie's body hurt.
We didn't go outside.
It is a P.E. week.
No recess on P.E. week.

We went to learning centers.

Randy G. brought glasses.
He wore them for our blog.
James has glasses like those.
Iker wanted it on the blog.
Tytiana is a bus rider now.
Keyli brought a new folder.
Today is not a tutoring day.
We had a good day!
We all earned CATS!


  1. We had a lot of rain in our rain gauge after this weekend and Mrs. V. did NOT put it in there!

    You learned some good lessons today, especially the ones about staying safe and asking your Mom or Dad before you put anything into your mouth!

    Your pattern and your caterpillar are both getting very long.

  2. I hope we get to work outside again today! That was fun!

  3. Hi Friends!

    I hope you enjoyed learning about the letter P. P is my favorite letter! I wonder if James, Keyli, Luis, Daylin, or Iker remember why P is my favorite letter.

    I hope you get to have more lessons outside since the weather is getting warmer. It is fun to learn outside!

    Mrs. Phillips


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