Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 124

Today is number 124.
We colored a leprechaun.
We unpacked our book bags.
We went to the calendar.
We put in a green hand.
Today is somebody Patrick.
St. Patrick's day.
Not Spongebob's Patrick.
Today you celebrate.
You wear green.
If you don't wear green, they say to pinch you.
We didn't pinch each other.
We gave thumbs up to friends with green.

We read a book.
Franklin Plays the Game.
We drew pictures.
Of working together.
He tried his best.
That is the best thing.

We had reading group.

We went to take our pictures.
We got in line from biggest to short.
We said "Cheese."

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets or chicken something.
It was good.
Two friends had the chicken something.
They didn't like it.
We had chocolate pudding.
Brian had to go to Mr. Jordan.

After lunch, we learned about the leprechaun.
We went on a treasure hunt to find gold.
We found it.
It was under a tree.

Leprechaun live in a tree.
Under it.
It was gold.
It was chocolate.
We could eat it.
It was good.
Someone took Brian's candy.
We think we know who did it.
But we didn't call names.

We went to the computer lab.

We worked on Starfall.

We came back.
We wrote about leprechaun.
And the gold.

We went to specials.
We had P.E. but we didn't go to P.E..
They took the pictures in the gym.
We went to music.
We watched the black history program.
We saw it before.

We went outside.
We had recess.
We came back in to do our Data Notebook.
Then Brian came back.

We had a good day.
We will have a great day tomorrow.

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