Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 119

Today is number 119.
First we unpacked our book bags.
We colored until we went to the calendar.
We added blue to the calendar.
Our patterns is
That is an ABCDEFGH pattern.
All the way to H!
That is big!

We had 15 friends at school today.
Five friends aren't here.
No Ja'Mario, Na'Zosheon, Iker, Melanie or Briana.
Brian went home sick.
That makes 14 friends.

The police man come.
Officer Negron.
His name is Albert.
Albert Negron.
Not Fat Albert.
Fat Albert is on T.V..
He gave us a book to color.
He taught us to be safe.
And never touch a gun.
He showed us his belt.
He said if we see an emergency call 9-1-1.
That is three numbers.
He showed us handcuffs.

Real handcuffs.
Not play.
That is for jail.
He showed us
The police say when somethings is wrong they save us.

We went to reading group.
Not everyone made good choices.
Two friends had to talk to Mrs. White.
They said something mean to Randy G.
That made us all sad in our hearts.
Not many friends were in Ms. Washington's group.
Only 7.
Everyone got a treat.
Chocolate from her.

We read our sentences.

They say "The man is riding on the ______."

We went to lunch.
We had spaghetti, chicken sandwiches or chicken nuggets.
And strawberries or orange or bread or corn or mixed vegetables or spinach.
And drinks.....milk.

We learned about hot and cold.
When it is hot we can wear a swimsuit.
And go swim.
When it is cold we wear a coat.
We go in the snow.
We wrote about it.

In math we learned about shapes.
We learned about how they are flat.
They have points, sides, lines.

We talked about how they are the same and different.
We went to math centers.
James taught some friends about shapes.
He was a teacher.

We had a talk.
A friend talk.
We had a talk cause a friend said "I'm gonna cut you."
Mrs. V. told us if you say mean things you are a bully.
Bullies go to Mr. Jordan.
If we say mean names we go to Mr. Jordan.
If we hurt a friend we go to Mr. Jordan.
We don't get any other chance.
We are going to do better.
Tomorrow we are going to do much better than today.
We are going to do it every day.
Every single day of our lives.
Not just in Kindergarten.
In first and fourth and eleventh and all of them.
In college too.
You have to do the right thing to play football.
Or be a singer.
James wants to play for the Saints.
And the Panthers.
Randy G. has a Spongebob hat.

We had music.
We watched the Black History Program.
Some friends had to be talked to.

Our Playdoh is missing.
Someone took it.
Our carpet is missing too.
It is in the corner.
Both of them.
They needed a rest.

We are going to have a much better day tomorrow.


  1. Hey Kindergarten Kids!

    I loved the response you left me on the blog. Thanks so much! Sounds like day 119 was a lot of fun--my favorite part was the chocolate treats. I enjoyed reading your sentences too and was impressed that you were reading them.

    I have a question for you guys, what do you like to do in the spring time? Maybe picnics at the park, or playing with your dog or cat?

    Let me know!

  2. I hope you have a good day today, you were very busy yesterday! I read all of your sentences, you had lots of ideas. I would be afraid to ride on a flying motorcycle, unless it had a seat belt!


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