Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 121

We turned in our homework.
We made animals with shapes.

We did swishy.
It taste good.

Today is number 121.
We have 59 more days of Kindergarten.
We went to the calendar.
Tomorrow is a home day.
We had a white hand.
It had the wrong number.
Mrs. V. made a mistake.
It is ok.

Officer Negron came.
We learned about being safe.
Ways to work it out.
We can work it out.
Use your words.
Talk it out.
Don't fight with each other.
Don't poke each other.
We can work it out.
We got to sing it.

We went to reading group.
We had three reading groups.
Mrs. V.'s group.
Mrs. Washington's group.
Ms. Culler's group.
That is three.
Mrs. Crews' did her group in the hall.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken and pizza.
Mrs. V. went to a meeting.
Mrs. F. took us to lunch.

We worked on our murals.
We added vehicles.
Lots of monster trucks.

We cut our sentences.
We glued them.
We made a book.

Mrs. V. is going to read it to us.

Iker came to school late.

Some friends came to visit us.
There were three of them.
They watched us work.
In centers.

Tytiana got a school bus.
She will be a bus rider.
On Monday.

We had a good day!
We acted like big kids.
Like first graders.
Mrs. V. went to look for her class.
She said we she had Kindergarten friends.
Not first grade friends.
We had a good week!


  1. You colored some wonderful monster truck pictures, they are great! Have a fantastic weekend! The school days are really adding up fast~

  2. My favorite thing about this week is that you guys worked hard to work together, like when cars and trucks work together to get people from place to place. What happens when cars and trucks don't work together? What happens when friends don't work together?

  3. Your sentences are good.
    Will you be our best friends?
    Did you have a great time?
    Why did Mrs. V make a mistake?
    Mrs. Farr makes lots of mistakes too!
    Mistakes are okay!
    Does your classroom have legos?
    We have legos and a lego table that we play with on Fun Friday.
    We hope you have a good day!


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