Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 118

Today is number one hundred eighteen.
Mrs. V. had to go home.
Mrs. F. called her.
We did our blog on the phone.
James said we learned about the quarter note.
And different sounds in music.
Randy A had taco salad for lunch.
Some friends had cheeseburgers.
It was good.
We learned all our words.
Randy G. learned something new in centers.
Tyrone learned that when we are outside playing with other people, you should get along. If you can't be nice, walk away.
Briana left early.
Melanie learned about shapes.
Keyli learned about people moving from place to place.
That is transportation.
Brian loves his letters.
Iker ran into someone with soccer.
He is ok.
David is happy today.
Tytiana learned to have a great day.
Tyrone wants to let you know he loves you and Mrs. V. too.
Jatameyah didn't say bye to Mrs. V. this morning.
That made her sad.
We had friends not here today.
No Ja'Mario.
No Na'Zosheona.
We had a good day.
Mrs. V. said she loves us.


  1. Hi friends! I missed you today. I'm glad you had a good day! Thank you for being big helpers for me and Mrs. F.
    We love you!

  2. Hi Kindergarten class! Thank you for writing me back on my blog. It seems like you had a great day today and learned lots. I love that Tyrone learned to just walk away if you can't be nice. That is a great lesson! To answer your question, I am not in Kindergarten! I am actually in college. You have lots of days left until you get here. Pretty soon I will have the joy of being a teacher like Mrs. V and having wonderful students like yourselves. :)


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