Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 123

Today is 123.
We learned at the calendar.
We had an orange hand.
We have 57 more days in Kindergarten.
That is getting smaller.
We are taking away days.
Na'Zosheona, Melanie, Briana, Ja'Mario and Mrs. F. were not here.
Four friends and one teacher.

The police came.
Officer Negron.
We learned about don't be rude.
Don't eat with your hands, like a hillbilly.
That is using your manners.
We graduated from Super Kids.
We got a certificate and everything.
We played the Brain Game.
That is Simon Says.
You have to listen and follow directions.

We had reading group.

We read our sentences.
On the board.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and corn dogs.
It was good.

We learned about an umbrella inventor.
The little girl invented an umbrella that can find puddles.
We wrote about it.
We wrote about the umbrella we would make.
Tyrone would make a skateboard umbrella.
Sara would make a pink umbrella.
James would make an umbrella that can read his books and tell him what to do.

In math we learned about More, Less, Equal.
We had chips.
We had a cup.
Mrs. V. gave us a number.
Then we picked a card.
We had to make more, less or equal.
To that number.
Like more than eight.
Or like less than four.
Or like equal to ten.

We went to Math centers.
Luis learned to roll the playdough into a snake.
He made numbers with the snake.

Mrs. White came.
She took us to gym.
Mrs. V. went to a meeting.
We had fun in gym.
We tried to throw the ball.
We tried to shoot the ball.
We tried to score.
We listened to a story.
We did a good job.

Mrs. White picked us up.
We worked in centers.
Mrs. White passed out the centers.
First was Randy G.
Then David.
Then Shamara.
Then the others.
Mrs. White worked in centers.
She played with the babies.
She took good care of them.
She was the babysitter.
Shamara was going to pick the baby up at 8.
James said 8:15.

We packed our book bags.
We have our Tuesday folder.
We have our homework folder.
We have our agenda.
We have our certificate for super kids, picture day tomorrow paper, a note for the field trip, a bingo night paper.
Mrs. V. said we need to bring another shirt for picture day.
So if ours get dirty.
We don't want chocolate milk in our picture.
Tomorrow is picture day.
We need to bring six dollars.
For the field trip.

We had a good day.
Everyone didn't earn CATS.
That is ok.
Tomorrow is going to be a good day.
Mrs. V. just got a cramp in her leg.
It hurt so bad she laughed.
James had never heard her laugh like that!

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