Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 120

Today is number 120.
We have 60 more days in Kindergarten.
We went to the calendar.
We added a purple hand.
Tomorrow will be white.

We read On The Go.
We are making a big picture.
A scenery pictures.
A mural.

Tomorrow we are going to add the vehicles.
We are going to draw them.
And cut them.
And glue them.

We learned to work together when you are driving.
If you don't work together, you will bump.

We had reading group.
No friends got in trouble.
Mrs. White didn't have to come.

We read our sentences.

We highlighted the man on the.

We went to lunch.
We had corn dogs, hot dogs, pizza dippers.
Fruit, strawberries, green beans, baked beans, tater tots.
It was good.

In Social Studies we learned about we learned about past.
And present too.
We colored a picture of Uncle Sam.
He was in the past.

In math we learned about shapes.
We made pictures with shapes.
We put shapes together.
We have to do it for homework.
Put shapes together to make an animal.
And glue it.
On the paper with nothing.
We bring the glue back to school tomorrow.

We worked in math centers.

We went to music.
We did the right thing.
Ms. Espinoza's class came in.
We did the right thing the whole time.

Officer Negron came back.
He showed a movie.
When a bully comes close to you, you say "No, go away!"
There was a monster in a box.
Bullies tell you "If you tell anyone, you are getting in trouble."
Sometimes you need to yell.
Sometimes you need to tell your mom.
Say no!
You tell a teacher.
Don't get close to a bully.
You can say, "I don't like that!"
Melanie is going to remember everything.
Spiderman the movie has a police man.

We didn't go outside.
We had a good day!
Most of our friends earned CATS!

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  1. I like your videos!
    They are cool.



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