Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 116

Today is number 116.
We added a red hand to our calendar.
We have 64 more days of Kindergarten.
Today was the day of a field trip.
One friend couldn't go.
Briana didn't have permission.
Her mommy didn't sign the paper.
She went to her brother's class.
He is in first grade.
We missed her.
We went to the Heritage Theater.
We rode on a bus.
We had two buses.
We had fun.
We learned about children in the past.
We learned how they played.

We learned to spin tops.

We learned about school buildings.
School buildings in the past.

Mrs. F. and Mrs. V. played in a band.
All the teachers were in a band.

They played.
It was fun.
We laughed.

When we got back we ate lunch.
We had sandwiches, apples, juice, milk.
We ate at our tables.
Mrs. F. brought us lunch.
And milk.
It was good.
It was in a bag.

We had a tornado drill today.
We hid like turtles in the hall.

We had to bend our bodies.
And touch our heads.
Like a turtle.
We had to be quiet.
It was a long time.
Mr. Jordan told us to start.
Then Ms. Gilmer said to stop.

We had Guidance.
Ms. McClure came.
She brought Mr. Potato Head.
He was a doctor.
She read us Yertle The Turtle.
He was so mean.
He was a bully.
He was telling the turtles what to do.
He was mean.
He didn't take turns.
He was a bully.

Daylin got gum in her hair.
Luis had gum in his mouth.
It got in her hair.
That is what she said.

We went to recess.
We had a good day!


  1. This is a day you'll all remember for a long time,field trips are the best! I think you make very good turtles, I don't know if I could scrunch up that well, like a turtle in a shell. Have a wonderful weekend, it is supposed to be warm outside, like Spring.

  2. We sure did have fun! Did you learn as much as I did?

  3. WOW! I can't wait for Nicholas, my son in Kindergarten, to go on his first field trip. It is April 8th, 2010. They are going to the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Dauphin Island, AL to learn about MArine life. You should ask your teacher to google it and show you pictures of where they are going. I'm glad you did good on your tornado drill so you will know what to do in case there is a real tornado. I hope Daylin got the gum out of her hair ok!

    Amy Stork
    University of South Alabama
    EDM 310 Dr. Strange

  4. It looks like it was really fun spinning those tops. I hope you guys had a lot of fun on your field trip. Tornado drills are good, they keep you prepared. My name is Adam and you can see my blog for my EDM310 class at


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