Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 114

Today is number one hundred fourteen.
We came to school late.
We made a hat.
To celebrate Dr. Seuss.
His birthday was yesterday.
We wore our hats all day.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza and turkey pie.
It was good.

After that, we went to the calendar.
We added a purple hand.
We are making a pattern.
Green hand, blue hand, purple hand.
We don't know what tomorrow will be.
We guess it will be green or brown.

Someone came to teach us to be healthy.

She said we need to eat vegetables.
And cereal.
And fruit.
We need five fruits.
We need one hour for exercise.
We need eight cups of water.
We need to eat low fat foods.
She brought her friend.
His name was Andy.
All of his body came out.
His brian, his heart, her bones, her kidneys.
All of it.

We learned about more.
We learned aobut less.
We learned about the same. That is equal.
That was in math.
We went to math centers.

Ms. McClure came for Guidance.
She taught us to not be mad with your friends.
And don't laugh.
And don't get rid of your family.
And we made a puppet show.
It was a bunny puppet.

We read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss.
We drew pictures about what color day we were having.
Tyrone had a green day.
Luis had a blue day.
Na'Zosheona had a green day.
Sara had a pink day.
Randy A. had a red day.
Cornella had a purple day.
Jovany had a red day.
Brian had a yellow day.
Briana had a pink day.
Keyli had a pink day.
Melanie had a black day.
Randy G. had a yellow day.
Daylin had a yellow day.
Tytiana had a pink day.
David had a red day.
Iker had a black day.
James had a red day.
Jatameyah had a pink day.
Mrs. Watts is going to make a big book with all the friends in all the classes.
In Kindergarten through the big kids.
That is fifth grade.
Five is fifth.

We didn't go outside.
It was too cold.
It was gross out.

Mrs. F. didn't come to school.
Mrs. V. had to go to the bathroom.
Mrs. Phillips came to stay with us.
Mrs. V. went to the bathroom.

We worked in learning centers.

Mrs. V. said that some friends in Alabama read our blog.
We like that!
We went to see their blog.
One is pink.
One is blue.
We like pink.
Iker likes blue.
We had a good day!

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  1. HEllo EveryOne, I love your Dr. Seuss hats! He was one of my favorite authors( a person that writes the words in a book) when I was your age. I'm excited that you all are learning how to eat healthy, that is very important. James told me that we are suppose to drink up to eight(8) glasses of water a day! That's GREAT!

    Have a good day,
    Mrs. Taylor & Jada


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