Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 117

Today was number one hundred seventeen.
Three friends were not here.
We have 63 more days of school.
That is getting smaller.
Today was Monday.
We added an orange hand to the calendar.

We read the book On the Go.
It is about people.
And how they move.
We talked about how we move.
That is transportation.

We had reading group.
We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets.
It was good.
And salisbury steak.
It was good too.

Mrs. V. had to leave.
She went to the doctor.
We worked in Mrs. Crews' room.
Then we went to music.
Mrs. F. helped us write our blog.
We had a good day!


  1. After I left today, I missed you, my little friends!
    Did you all earn CATS?
    Did you make good choices for Mrs. F.?
    Will you have a good day tomorrow?

  2. Thank you, each one of you, for the wonderful drawings and notes that you sent to me, I love them. I am happy that you are enjoying your Wilma Rudolph quilt. Enjoy your day today, it's going to be warm outside. Listen for the birds~ Spring is on it's way.

  3. Hi Kindergarten class! I really like reading your daily blog posts. Chicken nuggets for lunch..yummy! Do you guys enjoy music class? What are some of your favorite songs? One of my favorites is "If You're Happy and You know It". :)

  4. I love your blog Kindergarten class! You have pretty exciting days. I'm a big fan of chicken nuggets. Is 'On the Go' a good book? I love Dr. Seuss books! You should read "Oh, The Places You'll Go." That one is my favorite.
    Maybe one day some of you will be at the University of South Alabama like me!
    Teachers, if you would like to visit my blog go to

  5. Hello Kindergarden Kids!!

    Seems like you had a very busy day! Thank you all for the sweet comment on my blog. It was great to hear from you all. I'm terrible sorry that you were missing three of your friends today! It's always sad when your missing friends. I bet you had an enjoyable time learning about transportation. I hope you enjoyed your lunch. Chicken Nuggets are one of my favorite items to eat. I hope you enjoyed your time in Mrs. Crews class, while Mrs. V was at the doctor. I hope she is okay. Well kindergardeners, I hope you all enjoy your day, and I'm looking forward to read your other posts!!!

  6. I've enjoyed reading about your Kindergarten day. It takes me back to when I taught Kindergarten.
    I hope all of you enjoyed learning about transportation. There all sorts of ways to get around!
    I look forward to reading more about your days in kindergarten. You are welcome to check my blog out at


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