Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 127

Today is number one hundred twenty seven.
We went to the calendar.
We added a black hand.
It has a 22 on it.
Today is the twenty second.
Today was after two home days.
We got new jobs.
Brian is the line leader.
Tyrone and Melanie are the lunch helpers.
David is the door holder.
Shamara is the caboose.
Randy G. is the bathroom monitor.
Briana is the handwashing monitor.
James and Jatameyah are the calendar helpers.
Luis is the weather helper.
Keyli and Randy A. are the messengers.
Jovany and Sara are the material helpers.
Cornella is the greeter.
Mrs. V. forgot to give us new table leaders.
That is ok.
Mr. Caterpillar was 127 today.
We have 53 more days in Kindergarten.

We taught Briana our new game.
We did 10 words in our game.
We read big.

We learned about machines.
Lots of machines.
Washing machines, quilter machines, cars, wheels, pencil sharpener, computers, cameras.
They are machines.
We read the book Machines At Work.
It is about trucks, bulldozers, dump trucks, cement trucks.
You see those machines outside.
The men are working.
They work together.
Like teamwork.
We acted out words.
We had to be quiet.
We had four groups.
Mrs. V. gave us a word.
We acted it out.

We had reading group.
Ms. Washington was not here.
Mr. Brown came.
His name was not Brownie.
It was Brown.
We worked at our tables.
He entertained us.
You can eat a brownie.
Mrs. V.'s group got new books.
Real books.
Like Ms. Washington's group.
We didn't read them yet.

We went to lunch.
We had BBQ or pizza dippers.
We had fruit, oranges, carrots, green beans, chocolate milk, white milk.
Mrs. F. came back from the big kids.

Mrs. V. asked friends to read.
First grader books.
Some friends.

Mrs. Sherrie came.
It was her last time.
She read us a book.
We helped her with Spanish in the book.
We gave her cards.
We read them to her.

Keyli read "I liked Bark George."

We went to media.
We read The Princess and the Pea.
There was a little tiny circle thing.
They had to find out if she was real.
We put a pea under twenty mattresses.
The real princess could feel it.
Only real ones.
She couldn't sleep good.
And couldn't have a dream.
Then the Prince married her.
They had a baby.

We went outside.
It was cloudy.
We packed our book bag.
We got our candy.
Mrs. Sherrie gave it to us.
We had a great day!

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  1. I believe you all had fun on "machine day". I liked the way you worked together to make a bulldozer, that was very good. Guess what? I have a quilting machine at my house!


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