Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 115

Today is number one hundred fifteen.
We worked at our seats.
We wrote words.
Randy A. and Randy G. worked really hard.
James and Jatameyah were not here.
They didn't do it.
They came late.

We watched a movie a goose.
His name was Simon.
He thought he couldn't fly.
He practiced ever day.
He worked hard.
He could fly.
They told him he had two left feet.
He didn't.
He had a left one.
He had a right one.
We wrote A ____ can _____.
We filled in the blanks.
A goose can _____.
They can fly, or lay eggs, or go under water, or drink water.
We wrote it.

We went to the calendar.
We went to the calender late.
We have a white hand.
We have sixty five more days of school.
We think tomorrow will be a green hand.

Melanie's friend is a leader.
Jatameyah doesn't have a sister.

We went to reading group.
A friend didn't do the directions.
Ms. Washington had to write a D1.

We read our sentences.
We highlighted one, and, two.

We went to lunch.
We had corn dogs or ziti and mixed fruit, pears, apples, green beans, yams, garlic bread.
It was good.
Cornella ate with her Grandma.

Some friends got stickers.
There were three.
They were doing the right thing.
Randy G.

We learned about the Lorax.
That is Dr. Seuss.
We wrote about them.
We wrote "The man is mean. He cut the trees. He took the trees. They were sad.

In math we learned about ordinals.
First through tenth.
We put friends in order.
They were mixed up.
Some friends helped.
We sang our song when we got them right.

We played squiggly.
Mrs. V. made it a center game.
It is fun.
David worked on the big tv with squiggly.
We went to math centers.

Ms. McClure came for guidance.
She read us a story about a bully.
The jungle bullies.

We went outside.
Na'Zosheona couldn't go.
She was with Ms. Johnson.
She spent time with her today.

Mrs. V. said another friend said hi to us.
She is from Alabama.
She is a lady.
She has a little boy.

Most of us had a good day!

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  1. Ordinals are hard to learn.


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