Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 132

Today was 132.
We did morning work.
We unpacked our book bag.
David got a new book bag.

We had morning group.
We did the calendar.
Mr. Caterpillar turned another corner.

We added a red hand.
Tomorrow would be black.
Tomorrow is a home day.
We have six home days.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
That is six.
We are going to have Easter.
We are going to celebrate.
Some with eggs.
James will go to Georgia.
Melanie will celebrate to hide eggs.
First paint then hide.
Randy G. is going to have colored eggs.
The color red, yellow, blue.
Tytiana is going to the park.
She will look for eggs there.
Some friends will go to church.
We did words.
And letters.
Randy G. turned the words.
He was the third.

We read a story about Easter.
We learned about Easter.
We wrote about how celebrate Easter.

We had reading group.

We went to lunch.

We read five books.
They were about Easter.
We wrote which was our favorite.
We had to tell why.
Briana liked the book The Easter Egg because it had beautiful pictures in it.
Brian liked Easter Parade because it was funny.
Iker liked Easter Egg Hunt because Barney was there.

Some friends got first grade words.

Randy A.
Tyonre isn't here.
He didn't get his.
James already had them.
There are 100 first grade words.
There are only 33 kindergarten words.
First grade has more.

We worked in centers.

We went to Media.

We went outside.

We got water.
We packed our book bags.
We had a good day!
We are going to have good home days!
Not bad home days!
If you have a bad home day, you might get a whooping.

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  1. Blogger is being bad about pictures today! Have fun at home!!


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